Enrollment steps

Enrollment steps:

1) Fill in the form and send it;;

2) I await the email confirming your registration with the scheduling of the professional interview by appointment (online);

3) After scheduling the interview, the registration fee of R$ 90.00 must be paid together with the interview in the amount of R$ 90.00 (in cash or in installments) and the receipts must be sent by e-mail;

4) After analyzing the profile for shiduch, we will send you an e-mail with all the necessary information, confirming your entry into the site and the start of the submission process;

5) After entering the site, the monthly payment of the tzedaka amount selected at the time of registration will be charged. This is a monthly contribution to the maintenance of our site with all the quality of service that a shiduch site requires;

Choose the monthly contribution tzedakah in the Subscription, R$18, R$36, R$54, R$72 or R$90.

Note: none of the amounts charged on the site imply the obligation of immediate presentations, since these are directly linked to the analysis of the candidate’s profile and suitable compatible terms to present. However, having the appropriate profile, the presentation will be as brief as possible because we have differentiated and professional service.

*Youth who are in the Kiruv or who are between 18 and 36 years old are exempt (the registration fee and the interview). They pay only the tzedakah chosen to pay monthly

About the submission process after the candidate has joined the website:

1) Often the search for compatibles for presentation is not immediate, but it will depend on the sample we have and that may change as we have more options in our database of subscribers. Having compatible candidates, our contact should be as short as possible to start the presentation process;

2) Our team does not have access to the personal information of the applicants or their interview. Only through the exclusive intermediation with secrecy and professional approach of Cláudia Moscovich;

3) Only after the profile analysis and search for compatibles, contacts will be made with the candidates, always in a coordinated way and preserving all their confidential information from the interviews, starting the presentation process itself;

4) The non-acceptance of our option on the part of the candidates will make other options available to both parties, so that only later, after the couple’s consent and proper references made, we will schedule the presentation. And so on until we find the other half chosen by Hashem;

We remind you that this site is intended for Jews from our Jewish community.

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Send proof of payment to the email: contato@habaithayehudi.com.br

We accept payment order for those who live abroad.

Only those who live abroad: Paypal (email key: contato@habaithayehudi.com.br)

This site is for shiduch, and with Hashem´s help to establish several Jewish homes.

The Jewish home is the greatest expression that a couple can build in this world. In the Jewish home, the couple can build a world with Hashem.