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What is your relationship with Judaism? How important is a Jewish home to you?

Prices for Entry on the website:
After scheduling the interview for profile analysis, the entrance fee (registration and interview) in the amount of 54 reais (for over 36 years old) must be paid.

*Young people who are in Kiruv or who are between 18 and 36 years old are exempt (from the registration fee and the interview). They pay only the Tzedakah chosen for tuition.

*Check the desired option for payment of registration and interview:

Choose Tzedaka's monthly contribution that you will be able to help bzH to maintain our website with all the quality ofservice that a presentation website requires:

This fixed amount of Tzedakah must be paid monthly via PIX or bank transfer and receipt sent by email.

Note: none of the amounts charged on the site imply the obligation of presentations immediately, since these are directly linked to the analysis of the candidate’s profile and suitable compatible terms to present. However, having the appropriate profile, the presentation will be as brief as possible because we have differentiated and professional service.

Dear Subscriber:

In case of an error in the submission to which you, when registering, do not receive the message that was successfully sent, please contact immediately by e-mail: contato@habaithayehudi.com.br so that we can immediately resolve any possible problem when making your registration.