Online Presentation

I would like to thank Hashem for helping me to realize my mission as a schadchanit, showing me the way, and that without H’ I would not have been able to.

Who are the shadchanim?

Our Shadchanim (matchmakers or presenters) are all observant and trained by my online presentation technique. They will be chosen individually to  make their presentation with complete confidentiality, respecting the particular aspects of each candidate.

This technique has already been tested and has been very successful.

Firstly, the technique provides for a virtual meeting by link, in two stages, where the couple will be introduced by appointment, with the consent of both parties and after all the information has been checked, so that in a second moment there will be, bzH, the long-awaited face-to-face meeting, fundamental after a good online conversation.

Today we know that this model worked for the observers and we managed to arrive with our people bzH firm and strong not only because of our traditions but especially because of our deeds and our mitzvot.

Can you imagine if this model so old and so current and of total success is within reach not only for the observant but also for the non-religious, now in online format?
And with complete privacy?
Wonderful isn’t it?

Habait Hayehudi was born to bring all this with just one click.

Don’t wait for your half to fall from the sky. Do your part!

Sign up and connect not only with your other half but also with the authentic Judaism of being in an environment not only online but also face to face that this site can offer you.

Connect to Judaism and thus obtain the gift of experiencing a Jewish home. BH!

A site for observant Jews to be introduced to observant Jews and for non-religious Jews to be introduced to non-religious Jews.

Because keeping the light of our Judaism on for generations is priceless!

Connect to Habait Hayehudi!

May H’ enlighten our paths and be always present in our work to make many weddings and Jewish homes through this site!

Message from Claudia Moscovich