Our privacy and respect for our subscribers is total, as well as information between rabbis whenever the need arises.

The online environments will only be available for a brief formalization of the presentation that the moment requires, between the schadchan and the couple, or the schadchanit and the couple, but then we leave them to talk online alone with each other in complete privacy. The next step will be the face-to-face meeting, all in the couple’s time and according to their level of observance.

The exchange of telephones will also be optional on the part of the couple, in case of incompatibility in the first conversation.

The social networks of the participants will not be disclosed without the prior authorization of the parties.

The ethical and trusting relationship with our candidates makes this environment a safe place with total professionalism on our part.

After there is interest from both parties for the presentation, you will receive by email or whats the photo of who will present you, thus guaranteeing total secrecy and planning of this online meeting by appointment.

During the process of getting to know the couple, in the initial conversations, if requested, coaching support will be made available to the couple, adjusting any noise in the communication, with interest of both parties in getting it right.

No disclosure will be made of confidential information from candidates to each other as we value respect for the person and the process in question.

None of our shadchanim have access to your registration or profile data. They are only asked, when necessary, to present the couples previously formed by Cláudia Moscovich.