Profile Analysis

We know that a good profile analysis is essential to look for compatibles.

The fact that they are compatible does not mean that the pair will be perfect and that it will come ready-made. It will be necessary to invest time, trust and humility to have Shalom Bait (peace in the home), fundamental in the synergy of a Jewish home where Hashem will participate together with the couple. The divine presence called the Shechinah is a constant in a Jewish home where there is joy, shalom bait, respect, Torah and mitzvot.

The law of family purity that is so important and that brings the divine presence in the Jewish home, in addition to being a mitzva that involves the effort of the couple, has the benefit of developing a more effective communication in the husband towards his wife and raising children that will be good .

A healthy relationship comes with work where one challenges the other to grow. And often this does not happen in the search for pairs who have only affinities, but mainly pairs who have the energy to preserve their own individuality in the relationship through respect for differences and the desire to add. Of course this will happen in time where love will spring up and make it happen. On the other hand, we avoided introducing religious to non-religious and vice versa because of the discrepancy in the rhythm of mitzvot that this would entail for both parties.

But it is in the profile analysis that this is seen and checked with the parties individually before the submission process.

Our professional focus on presentations by the shadchanim, guided by Coach and Shadchanit Cláudia Moscovich, makes this site a differential in this aspect.