Technical responsible

Habait Hayehudi - Foto 009 - Cláudia Moscovich

Cláudia Moscovich

Responsible for interviews, shadchanim and presentations

  • Master in Cognitive Psychology;
  • International Coach by ICC;
  • She was a research professor in the psychology postgraduate course at PUC RS where she created a monitoring technique in customer service;

Rabbi Mordechai Guertzenstein

Responsible for Halakha

  • 1963 birth in São Paulo of Marco Guertzenstein (in Hebrew Mordechai) in a traditional Jewish but non-religious family;
  • 1970 the family moves to England to work as a medical researcher in the field of Physiology and the children study at a Jewish school;


Rabbi Shie Pasternak

Director of the Or Avrohom Institutions (ORAM).


Rabbi Shamai Ende

Rabbi Daniel Indech

Rabbi Benjamin Zagury