Terms and Conditions

After analyzing your registration form, observing the possibilities of being able to continue in the process, we present our terms and conditions:

Our presentations are not linked to the monthly contribution of Tzedakah to help maintain our site, as they always depend on compatible candidates to present.

The photos sent will only be used for shiduch purposes and only within our website with the agreement of both parties to maintain secrecy and cannot circulate outside the website without our authorization.

Information omitted or answered incompletely or distorted in the interview by the applicant are not our responsibility and if they come to our attention, the submission process will not be followed up.

Inappropriate behavior during interactions between the presented couple or one of the parties is not our responsibility and, once discovered, the presentation process will not be continued.

The password provided for discounts at kosher establishments in our partnership cannot be disclosed to non-registered persons. Lack of respect during the whats-app communication of subscribers towards their shadchanit and in the interaction between subscribers will not be allowed within our website.

 Scheduled interviews in online presentations that for some reason have to be rescheduled must be notified in advance.

Clothing for online presentations should be appropriate for social interaction and in a suitable environment with good lighting. We suggest casual style. 

The acceptance or not of the option given by your shadchanit must be informed within a maximum of 48 hours. 

The lack of communication between the subscriber and his shadchanit will make it impossible to follow the presentations. 

The lack of communication between the couple must be communicated immediately to their shadchanit if there is interest in her intervention with one of the parties.