BH! Our website is maintained by our tzedakah subscribers for the great mitzvah of Shiduchim with a minimum value of 18 reais or multiples of Chai that means Life: numerical value of 18 for an individualized service with a professional approach. Where everyone can contribute with this very affordable amount and thus help change the world with this mitzvah: getting shidduch and at the same time helping other subscribers to get it too.

But if perhaps you are married, you would also like to cooperate  with a monthly charity and thus be part of the great mitzvah and help our site grow in the mitzvah and also fulfill our work in this great mitzvah of creating couples to marry A serious work and a great effort and dedication also collaborate.

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Another way to do tzedakah is to bring in many subscribers by referring our website and thus be part of this mitzvot chain, increasing the chance of us doing more shiduchim and bzH forming many Jewish homes!

It is worth it!

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Tzedakah must be a constant practice in Judaism.

When we help others Hashem helps us!

Tzedakah is the only mitzvah we can know that we will always have a return, regardless of whether we understand the greatness of Hashem.