Who we are

We are a team that is concerned about the lack of a comfortable environment in our community these days, so we intend with this site to give our community more options to find their compatible matches, and bzH to get married and thus increase the number of Jewish homes through access to authentic Judaism.

We want to give religious people a more professional and personalized meeting, respecting their matchmakers, all confidentially, without leaving the traditional way of meeting, but online before the meeting and then in person. It includes all the stages of investigation with rabbis in the traditional way that this process should be.

For non-religious people, the online way of meeting people across cities and countries has proven to be very effective, all in a timely manner, after online conversations and face-to-face meetings, respecting the individuality of each couple and scheduling another meeting in case of incompatibility, until each finds its other half designated by Hashem.

This method proved to be effective in introducing religious and non-religious couples.

Our mission is bzH, to be a differentiated website with a professional approach to shiduch from the interview, profile analysis and individualized service at all stages of the presentation process.

Our goal is to reach the largest number of Jews around the world and connect them with a safe and private environment, giving them opportunities to meet their other half under divine providence.

But for that to happen, the first thing to do is sign up!

You are all very welcome!